BAW 21-Day Challenge

  • Meet Coach Misty 2020 vs 2021

    For the last 20 years I have battled with Emotional Eating and Depression. I have assembled a team of enablers and was surviving. It wasn't until we were locked up in the pandemic that I had a chance to really look at myself in the mirror and I didn't recognize the woman I had become and I took a stand and decided to make a change. After starting my journey I decided to help other people change their lives so I started BigAzzWorkout and our team has helped over 600 people this year and YOUR NEXT...

  • Meet Bre May 2021 vs December 2021

    When we met Bre in May 2021 she was using a portable oxygen machine for everyday activities. Bre came to class four nights per week and one day I noticed something different about Bre...she no longer needed her oxygen machine. Over the last seven months Bre (now Coach Bre) has progressed from an oxygen machine to running the streets of Chicago during our BAW RUN class to now serving as a BAW RUN Coach. She did it and so can YOU.

BAW = Fitness Redefined

For so many decades society has been conditioned to believe that Fitness only came in one size..Well, we are here to change the GAME. You now have the opportunity to be trained by professionals who have walked a mile in your shoes and interact with a community of people who are fully invested in your wellness. BAW offers more than 20 virtual workout classes every week, Nutritional Guidance, Wellness Products formulated especially for you plus you have an opportunity to Start your Own Business as a BAW Wellness Coach (profit from your progress). Click the button below to learn more.

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  • BAW Weekly Classes

    BigAzzWorkout offers over 20 virtual workout classes on Zoom Monday - Saturday. Every workout is different than the day before and you have the luxury of working out at home (No Travel Required).

  • BAW Products

    No need to look any further for your wellness products. BigAzzWorkout offers several products to assist you on your wellness journey.

  • Start Your BAW Wellness Business

    Not only can you improve your Health with BigAzzWorkout but you can also Earn EXTRA $$$$ by becoming a Wellness Coach. No inventory required. Get PAID from your PROGRESS!!!!